Windows 8 Store Details: In-App Purchases, Subscriptions, Trials

In February, we will get a new Windows 8 build and a fresh new look at the Windows 8 store.

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Windows Store Will Cover 231 Countries, Will Support PayPal

Windows Store for Windows 8 is supposedly coming to the general audience in February 2012. This is a dedicated app store for the Windows platform and will cover notebooks, desktops and tablets. It is likely to eventually merge with the store for Windows Phone as well, turning in to a one-stop destination for Windows apps.

This store will have all the sophisticated mechanisms that we have come to expect from such stores; including in-app purchases, subscriptions and trials. The revenue sharing between developers and Microsoft will be set up in a way that specifically rewards top-tier developers. If all of this sounds attractive, then Microsoft has a program called First Apps Contest for those developers who want to get in on the game early on.

More Windows Store For Windows 8 Details Surface Ahead Of Early 2012 Launch Schedule

Developers will have all the flexibility that they could get if they released independently. So trials can be time bound or feature specific (only some features available but no expiration date). Paid apps can have in app-purchases, subscriptions etc.

Revenue sharing is set up in a way that rewards higher selling apps. If the app generates $25,000 in revenue it will be subjected to the standard 70/30 split with the developer in favor. Apps generating revenue beyond $25,000 will enjoy a higher split at 80/20 to the developer’s favor. This is Microsoft’s attempt to attract high profile developers to create apps for the Windows Store. None of these will matter before the official release though. Only free apps will be available on the Windows Store after the launch in February 2012 and before the commercial release.

Payment options will be flexible and will include the ever-popular PayPal. A larger number of ad platforms will also be supported to help developers generate revenue through ad-supported apps. A screening process will be in place to ensure security against malware, poor quality and instability.

The Windows store will be available in 231 countries at launch but developers can customize which countries their apps will be sold in. Individual app pages will have permalinks for easier sharing. Apps will show up in search results (Bing) and a download button will flank each result. Indie developers can register for $49 and companies will have to shell out $99 — both of which are very affordable prices.

Published: Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 Last Modified: December 7, 2011

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