Windows 8 Statistics: Early Adopter Activity Shows Sharp Decline

Chitika the ad network recently reported a clear drop in activity from Windows 8 Developer Preview users and expressed surprise over it.

Chitika puts out traffic data showing decline in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Do Chitika’s Stats Show A Loss Of Interest In Windows 8?

Chitika has recently posted a report that is based on their ad impressions statistics on the Windows 8 Developer Preview, saying that user activity on the OS is actually declining. The numbers for the week of December 4 were significantly lower than what they saw In September right after the launch.

Microsoft has recently been making Windows 8 related headlines quite a lot. With the Windows Store reveal and the Beta coming out in February 2012 Chitika is of the opinion that the level of activity should’ve been much higher, given that users would be very excited about what was to come. So they are apparently surprised that lesser people are now using the OS.

However, the conclusion that people are losing interest is likely to be a misreading of the situation. If you look at the Developer Preview for what it is, it becomes clear that once people used the preview and got to know what all the ado was about they just left it alone till the next version comes up.

Chitika says that it is concerning because this might show a lack of interest from the developers for whom the preview is meant. However, it is quite possible that developers are surely far outnumbered by the non-developers when it comes to the gang of early adopters of Windows 8. So perhaps the developers are all still there and that is most of the numbers that we are seeing. The average users have all given the thing a ride and are now waiting for the beta to come up. No doubt Chitika is going to see another rise and then a quick fall that will hopefully become a rise again as Windows 8 becomes commercially available.

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: December 23, 2011

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