Windows 8 Start Button And Boot-To-Desktop Hacks Blocked By Microsoft

Windows 8 Start Button and Boot to Desktop hacks blocked by Microsoft Looks like Microsoft is quite serious about making the Metro the de facto user interface on Windows 8 — the company has blocked all the simple and complex hacks that were used to add a start button to the OS and make it boot straight to the Desktop.

Windows 8 Start Button And Boot-To-Desktop Hacks Are Now Blocked

It is official — Microsoft has blocked a hack that was used to make Windows 8 boot straight in to Desktop by bypassing the Metro Start Screen. The company had already made it clear that Metro is the new way to go and now it has shown exactly how serious it is in pushing the new interface. Metro is, by the way, no longer the name of this Interface. Microsoft has stopped using this name and is currently searching a new one to replace it.

The initial reports of this block was limited to the “.scf” hack that was introduced in April to allow booting straight in to Windows 8 instead of the Start Screen. Soon after this was confirmed, other reports started pouring in about further changes made to the OS that result in other hacks not working correctly. These were hacks used for adding a Start Button to Windows 8.

These changes were made by Microsoft right before they released the Windows 8 RTM build earlier this week. RTM or Release To Manufacturing is the final stage of development and it is now being shipped out to manufacturers for installing on their devices. This means as of the RTM build, these workarounds are no longer valid. Users of earlier builds like Release Preview and Consumer Preview can still use them to add a Start Button to their desktops and circumvent the Metro Start Screen.

It had already been reported earlier that Microsoft has been busy stripping Windows 8 clean of all legacy code so that users are left with no option but to embrace the change.

Published: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 Last Modified: August 7, 2012

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