Windows 8 SkyDrive: Advanced Cloud Integration

With Microsoft launching Windows 8 with improved cloud services for users, Omar Shashine talks about how personal computing using cloud services are going to step up another notch via SkyDrive.
Windows 8 will be fully enabled with SkyDrive

Windows 8 Will Be Fully Cloud Enabled with SkyDrive

After announcing that Windows 8 will come with SkyDrive features right from the outset, Microsoft has now posted an elaborate version of how the newly incorporated features are going to change the way the OS integrates with the cloud. The group program manager of Microsoft SkyDrive, Omar Shashine, discourses in this post on how SkyDrive is ready to take cloud service on personal computers to a whole new altitude with SkyDrive on Windows 8.

Three service types

In the light of cloud services, Omar Shashine talked about three service types:
Firstly, file clouds like the SkyDrive services.
Secondly, device clouds like the Apple’s iCloud which are more about keeping devices in sync with one another.
Lastly, app clouds which are further broken down into media services such as Pandora and Netflix and full cloud based applications such as Google Docs.

Be constantly connected to your personal files now

Microsoft is trying to try to do everything with SkyDrive, including integrating the entire OS with the cloud. This enables the users to use features that allow access to their personal files from anywhere on the planet via internet. In the light of these heightened expectations, third party solutions are expected to show up even if Microsoft ends up not providing these features- solutions such as DropBox which give you a time based restoration feature and where the application backs up files online as the user is working on them. Considering the prior existence of such features and the fact that cloud features are built through an SDK, it will be a piece of cake for developers to enable this feature.

SkyDrive already hugely popular

This way, a developer having a brilliant cloud based idea will be able to execute his idea without being obstructed by the need for an affordable reliable cloud. Only large entities such as Microsoft along with a tried and tested service as SkyDrive have the resources to provide such services that are fast, reliable, secure and sturdy as well. As per statistics on October 2011 by Microsoft, 17 million users a month use SkyDrive, uploading more than 320 million files and coming from 5 million devices connecting to SkyDrive.

Published: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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