Windows 8 Rumors: Play XBOX 360 games on PC in Windows 8

Windows 8 might support XBOX 360 and you will then be able to play XBOX 360 games on PC. Could there be any truth to this rumor?

Play XBOX 360 Games on PC in Windows 8

Microsoft wants to make sure Windows 8 has many gaming features (we reported). So, at a first glance it would make sense to add XBOX 360 support. Especially, since they are going to add Kinect support anyway, so why not add XBOX support as well.

Playing XBOX 360 Games Without A XBOX?

Another advantage is that people no longer have to buy a XBOX 360 to play Halo Reach and other Microsoft games. And that’s the kicker. People would no longer have to buy a XBOX 360! Sure, people would have to buy XBOX Live Gold subscriptions on their PC instead, but the real question is how much profit does Microsoft make when they sell 1 XBOX. If it’s not much and their main income are subscriptions, licenses, etc, then I could understand if they would add XBOX 360 support to Windows 8 and allow us to play XBOX 360 games on the PC. If they make a lot of profit selling the XBOX device, this rumor is only a dream.

I don’t have a clue how much profit they make per 1 XBOX, but I know that Sony admitted that they make only little profit off the actual PS3 device and make the most money by selling video games and subscriptions. Could be the same for Microsoft Corp.

XBOX 360 Platform Feels More Genuine Than Windows Live for PC

If you spend a lot of time in front of the PC at work, you’ll not want to play games on a PC and the XBOX Live platform on XBOX 360 simply feels more genuine if you ask me. And Windows Live for PC doesn’t even come close to the real XBOX Live platform. So, I would personally prefer playing XBOX games on the XBOX 360 rather than the PC, but I could imagine that quite a lot of people would jump on the XBOX game if they don’t have to spend another 200 bucks on a XBOX 360 and can use their PC to play XBOX 360 games.

Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: May 31, 2011

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