Windows 8 Rumors: OEM Partners Getting Early Windows 8 M3 Build

Rumor has it that OEM partners are receiving an early version of Windows 8 during the next days and weeks for internal hardware tests.

Windows 8 OEM Beta

Oh yea, we love rumors, but this one would be too good to be true!

Windows 8 Release Date: Around The Corner?

OEM partners often get pre-beta builds months before the actual release. So, is this an inofficial confirmation that Windows 8 is just around the corner? (About 8 – 12 months?) A company has to test its software in early stages of development and it is hard to keep it down when you have as many partners as the maker of the Windows OS.

Microsoft blog WinRumors has claimed that Microsoft is sending it’s PC partners earlier builds of Windows 8, citing sources as anonymous sources. According to the report, the partners are receiving the Windows 8 Milestone 3 build 7971.0.110324-1900 through the Microsoft Connect Testing system. Tech news site ZDNet cited it own sources back in January saying that the build was at Milestone 2.

Windows 8 has been a bun in the oven for quite some time now, whilst Windows 7 continues to generate great sales figures at retail. The Redmond-based tech-giant has already announced earlier this year that Windows 7 has been the faster-selling operating system software ever released, clocking over 300 million licenses sold throughout last year.

But it has been exactly the opposite when it comes to information about what to expect from Windows 8. Mum’s the word for Microsoft except for one tiny detail that they have let through — that the Windows 8 is expected to be available in 2012. This was revealed on the company’s Dutch website earlier this year.

It has already been revealed that Windows 8 will be capable of running on the ARM architecture as well as x86. ARM is the popular choice for mobile devices and it is what most smartphones run on, including Apple’s iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch and almost all Android phones. Hence, it is quite clear that Microsoft is investing heavily in regaining footing in the mobile market and in the emerging sub-categories inside the mobile market.

Back in summer last year, there was a leak that talked about some Windows 8 features and that included focus on 3D, faster boot times and face recognition features. So overall, it looks like Microsoft has their work cut out for them.

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Published: Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 Last Modified: March 30, 2011

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