Windows 8 Rumors: HP Plans To Revive The TouchPad reports that a team within HP is busy testing the Windows 8 Developer Build on HP TouchPads.

Windows 8 HP Touchpad

HP Might Bring Back Touchpads As Windows 8 Devices

Sources inside HP told FoxNews earlier this week there is an internal team working on old HP TouchPads and installing Windows 8 Developer Build on them. They are getting them ready as proofs-of-concept for returning the TouchPad to the market.

After HP announced that it would not support WebOS any longer, it effectively stopped the sales of the TouchPad tablets. The units remaining with retailers are now sold at very low rates. HP emptied its own stock with the $99 sale and got an unexpected amount of response. This prompted the company to create a second run of the tablets and they had announced this news.

Since then, HP has not announced when this second run of tablets is going to reach the shops. It is possible that instead of releasing a fresh batch of WebOS devices, HP is planning to install Windows 8 on the remaining TouchPads. According to the rumors on, that is exactly what is going on inside the HP offices. The company is planning to revive the TouchPad with the new Windows platform.

Given the touch friendly way Window 8 is designed, it is a practical move on HP’s part and it might make up for previous losses. Windows 8 does have the potential to turn the TouchPad around in the market.

On a side note, WebOS is not entirely dead. HP bought the platform as part of their purchase of the entire Palm company (who originally developed the WebOS platform). They are now trying to sell WebOS to the likes of HTC, Google, LG, Nikon and Amazon. WebOS will likely be reduced to running on the new generation of Smart TV’s and smart devices like cameras. Since the platform designed to compete with the likes of Android, it would be very well suited for such simple jobs.

Published: Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 Last Modified: October 26, 2011

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