Windows 8 Roaming Feature Will Synchronize Account Settings Via Cloud

It sounds like the wet dream of every geek: A new feature in Windows 8 will constantly synchronize your users settings via the cloud so that they are available on all your devices, wherever you go.

Windows 8 Roaming User Account Settings

Synchronize Account Settings:

Windows 8 Roaming Options

On the leaked screenshot, you can see that you can customize the roaming settings and only synchronize specific settings with your other devices. You can roam the following settings:

  • Personalization (Desktop background image, glass color)
  • Accessibility (Ease of access control panel, magnifier, on screen keyboard, narrator, and speech recognition settings)
  • Language Settings (Language profile, text prediction preferences, and IME dicitionary)
  • Application Settings (Application settings and search history)
  • Windows Settings (Taskbar, Explorer, search , and mouse settings)
  • Credentials (Wireless network profiles and saved website credentials)

This feature is one of my favorite so far. I really love the idea that you can take your network profiles wherever you go and you no longer have to customize your settings on your laptops or other PC’s, you can simply let Windows 8 do the chores. It’s also a pretty awesome idea that the wallpapers will be synchronized in Windows 8.

Everyone who has more than one computer, a laptop or even a mobile device with Windows will benefit from this. Windows 8 might also be capable of synchronizing the application settings. Does that mean we can take all of our programs with us? In combination with the new portable Windows 8 workspaces this could really be a game changer!

I’m really looking forward to see some of this in action – this will make Windows 8 a truly mobile OS.

Published: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 Last Modified: April 27, 2011

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