Windows 8 Release Preview Launch Date: Early June 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview Launch Date

Windows 8 Release Preview (RC) has been announced, launches early in June 2012

If you’ve enjoyed the Consumer Preview, then you’ll enjoy this news: Windows 8 Release Preview will be out soon

While not quite the Release Candidate Windows fans are eagerly awaiting, Microsoft are getting pretty close. The company has announced the next stage of the preview process, the Release Preview. It will arrive during the first week of June

The announcement came at the Windows 8 Developer Days conference in Japan. Microsoft didn’t share any specific details on what will be included, but the success of the Consumer Preview means more people are ready and waiting to download a more stable – and potentially more featured – build.

There’s been plenty of speculation on when the Release Candidate will land. The launch of Internet Explorer 10, planned for mid this year according to a leaked timeline of Windows products, usually signifies the release of the latest version of Windows is near.

Microsoft previously announced that the next version of Windows 8 would add 33 additional languages, while the company will increase the number of market-specific apps from five to 26. That’s going to mean more customers will be getting into Windows 8 as the OS gets closer. That should also mean Microsoft is getting more developers on board, which is essential to get quality apps on board as fast as possible.

When will Windows 8 launch?

The safe bet is on an October launch for Windows 8, which would be around the time previous some previous versions of Windows have launched. The leaked product timelines – which was later confirmed as public by Microsoft – didn’t reveal an estimated release date for Windows 8. If the Release Candidate is launching in June, then there’s every chance it could launch in October: the Consumer Preview launched 29 February, 2012. June is four months on from that date. October is four months on from June.

An October release date would also put the OS ahead of the rush for iPads during the holidays, giving Microsoft a chance to show off its range of tablets and how the OS differentiates form iOS and iPads. The question is whether there is a killer device at launch, unlike the Windows Phone devices.

Published: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 Last Modified: April 25, 2012

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