Windows 8 Release Preview Includes Weekly Parental Controls

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Parents can now better monitor activity of their children in Windows 8. The release preview arriving in June will already include this enhanced feature.

Don’t want your parents knowing what you’re doing in Windows 8? Don’t let them access the parental controls!

Windows 8 has many great features, but one … less publicised feature is parental controls. Now of course they’re a good safeguard for parents who don’t want children accessing the Facebook hive, but now parents can monitor usage directly and get around the problem of people deleting their history.

It couldn’t be more simple to set up, either: parents – or their children, if they willingly comply – tick a box. That’s it. Weekly updates are then sent out which include details such as how much time the child spends online each day, details on recent web searches (there goes the History safeguard), websites visited most often and the games they play the most. I think a lot of this comes down to responsible parenting, because for children where these controls are useful parents will be buying the games and therefore should be responsible for the game a child is playing.

For the website-monitoring features, then that’s understandable. Parents can’t be children 24/7, and shouldn’t be. Links are also provided to take action if needed, such as restricting the time that can be spent on the computer.

Release Preview expectations

There are also tools such as web filtering, which is actually very useful for younger children, along with restrictions for apps and games based on age ratings. I feel like this is something consoles could benefit from, as the parental controls seems fairly limited and blocking certain age ranges would remove the complaints over young children playing 18+ games such as Call of Duty.

These features will be in the Windows 8 Release Preview, which is expected to land around the beginning of June. That’s just three weeks away, so it shouldn’t be too long. Of course there’s the question of how long it’ll take kids to figure out a way around the system, like going over to a friend’s house to play games. Still, I suppose that’s better than staying at home playing video games … right?

I think the Windows 8 Release Preview will be a refined version of the Consumer Preview, which is to be expected with a likely October release.


Published: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 Last Modified: May 15, 2012

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