Windows 8 Release Preview Available For Download Despite A Week Before the Official Build Release

Windows 8 Release Preview Download It Now

Chinese builds of the Windows 8 Release Preview are out, available to download on various websites

Desperate to get your hands on the Windows 8 Release Preview? Well, it’s out … unofficially

Despite some people claiming the Windows 8 Consumer Preview didn’t live up to consumer expectations, anticipation is still very much alive. The Windows 8 Release Preview, which release in a week, has been leaked and download.

A Chinese version of the build has been leaked, which is (or at least was) available over torrents to download. In Chinese. The ISO files are for a balled numbered 8400. Undoubtedly native English-speaking users will download the files and spend hours installing the OS, which is a complete waste of time considering you can just wait a week a week and let Microsoft do all the work for you. And it’ll be in English, which helps.

The build apparently includes Windows 8 style Metro apps that include Sports, Travel and News apps. Microsoft is apparently launching more core Windows 8 apps in the Release Preview, so that information looks to be true.

Minor aesthetic changes confirmed

Among the other update features are an update boot screen, cursors and wallpapers and a new version of Aero. That’s not the post-Aero aesthetic which will feature in the full version of Windows 8, because Microsoft confirmed it wouldn’t be in the Release Preview in the blog post showing the flattened UI. The build apparently include desktop improvements for users of multiple monitors.

From the changes the Release Preview sounds more of an incremental upgrade from the Consumer Preview, rather than a full-blow revision. To be honest, that’s not surprising because Microsoft is probably working on the most important features and is using the Release Preview to paint a general picture of what Windows 8 will look like. And that’s mainly in Metro, which will largely be the same.

As said, the Release Preview is coming in the first week of June. We don’t know when for sure, but rumors from tech sites CNET and The Verge have claimed June 2 – coinciding with the launch of Windows 8 upgrade program – will be the date. Even if that’s not the date, there are plenty of other events happening that week to keep you entertained …


Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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