Windows 8 Reaching Release Candidate By Mid 2012?

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Latest rumors suggest that Microsoft intends to have the Release Candidate for Windows 8 ready by May-June this year.

Windows 8 Release Candidate To Appear Around May-June

Fresh rumors around Windows 8 suggest that the new OS will be reaching the Release Candidate stage sometime around May-June this year. Even though we have heard such rumors before, it is not entirely hard to believe. If Microsoft is to keep on track for an October commercial release, having the Release Candidate ready by June is definitely necessary.

This current report that talks about this appeared on and it contains details about the upcoming the build of Windows 8. Since the Release Candidate stage is a ‘feature complete’ stage where every major feature and tool have to be present, the leaked images show things like personalization and extra tweaks that have been added post the Consumer Preview build.

New features also have things such as changes to the Charms bar, Language input menu and the Internet Explorer 10 Desktop version.

Release Candidate builds are released when a software is deemed to be nearly complete. It has all the features and services that are meant to go on to the commercial release. The only things amiss are small bugs and problems that the developer needs to be tested out. Major problems are very rare at this stage but that does not mean they don’t happen every now and then.

The report however says that Microsoft is still in the post-Beta phase and they have not begun marking the builds Release Candidates yet. If that is true, then they need to pick up the pace in the next two months so that they start going in to the Release Candidate phase at least by the beginning of May and then release in late June if they have to.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 26, 2012

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