Windows 8 Reaches 8.02% Market Share In Latest Numbers

In a surprising report by Net Market Share on Tuesday, Windows 8 is gaining traction with users around the globe. The numbers point to Windows 8 gaining big percentages of new users for the first time, and this means that Windows 8 is becoming a slow and building hit.

The numbers released on Tuesday point to Microsoft’s slow building success of Windows 8. The Net Applications report shows that while Windows 7 still has the dominating part of the market today, Windows 8 gained a number of users to its touch based operating system.

Windows 8 Gaining Users In Latest Net Applications OS Study

Windows 8 Now 8.02%

The biggest number of the report issued by Net Applications is that Windows 8 now has 8.02 percent of the computer market, that up from 7.41%. The gain was significant, although not as high as previous months which saw approximate 2 percent moves, but shows that customers are switching to Windows 8 and buying machines with Windows 8 on them. This includes the academic and university markets where school season traditionally means more computer purchases.

Windows 7 Still Huge

The other main news shows that Windows 7 still has the lions share of the operating OS market. The 46.43 percent mark, up from 45.63 percent is by far the leader among operating systems on computers today. The Windows 7 bump of .80 percent is the largest bump in a while, and actually surpassed Windows 8 gains in percentages.

Other Windows Market Shares

The Net Applications report also shows other Microsoft Windows products by market share. Windows Vista has a 3.98% mark and Windows XP still owns a 31.41% of today’s computer market, which is amazing in its own right. Older versions of Windows before XP even still hold a 0.99% market share. Linux comes in at 1.64% and Mac at 7.53%.

This report by Net Applications shows that despite pubic opinion, Microsoft still dominates the operating system market with around 91% of the operating systems today, and shows that Windows 8 is slowly gaining momentum among users. With Windows 8.1 coming out soon, that number is surely going to increase by a larger percentage with newer computers and holiday buyers shopping for the next big thing.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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