Windows 8 Prototype PCs Powered By Qualcomm’s Snapdragon

Windows 8 has the whole mobile industry buzzing with excitement and Qualcomm is no different. Many of the prototypes were running a Qualcomm chip.

Windows 8 prototype pc's qualcomm

Qualcomm Prepares S4 Chip In Anticipation of Windows 8

Qualcomm has released more information regarding “MSM8960” — their upcoming S4 chip for mobile Windows 8 devices and tablet PC’s. This chip will be definitely one of the best chips for mobile devices with a blazing fast multicore CPU, longer battery life and better graphics. Qualcomm is the same company that brought out the famous Snapdragon mobile chip — the first ever chip for mobile devices to clock a processing speed of 1GHz. And the S4 is just the latest version of the Snapdragon series.

The S4 not only handles processing and other things but also combines support for LTE (Long Term Evolution). This means all you need is this chip inside a phone to make it 4G capable. Once this is out on the market next year, LTE phones will be thinner and will have better battery life — two things that we always love to see in phone upgrades.

More Architecture Details For The S4 Shows Better Battery Life And Graphics

S4 uses Adreno — one of the first GPU’s (Graphics Processing Unit) designed for mobile devices. It caused quite a stir last year when it came out in public after Qualcomm bought it from ATI. Adrenoo 200 has been used on most Windows Phone 7 Series devices. The current version is Adreno 220 and Qualcomm has already promised graphics rivaling gaming consoles from it. But that was on S3. The S4 will be using Adreno 225, which apparently comes with 50% more graphics crunching power. And the S4 itself features technologies like asymmetrical processing — where each processing core can be powered and operated individually in order to have better battery life. With up to 2.5GHz processing power, this will cause Windows 8 phones and tablets to run very smoothly indeed.

Most Importantly, the Adreno 225 is designed specifically to support DirectX 9.3 on Windows 8. This will have a major impact on all new Windows 8 mobile devices that are likely to come out around this time next year. So it would be fair to expect Windows 8 smartphones and tablets to have realistic 3D graphics, extremely smooth gameplay and overall snappy performance.

Published: Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 Last Modified: October 11, 2011

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