Windows 8 Pro Pack Version And Upgrade Process Shown Off, Build “ProfessionalWMC”

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade To Pro Pack It looks like Microsoft is compiling a 2nd Windows 8 Pro Version labeled “Pro Pack” that might include the Windows Media Center

The Windows 8 upgrade routine has been revealed courtesy of blog WinUnleaked.

The WinUnleaked blog has revealed information about Windows 8, from a build that is labeled as ProfessionalWMC SKU. Despite it being subject to change, more information comes today from another blog post that runs through the upgrade process this time.

Apparently, the new SKU the blog has got a hold of is called “ProfessionWMC.” WMC is an acronym for Windows Media Center, which was rumoured to not be in Windows 8 from launch. At the time I said it would be surprising if Microsoft omitted Media Center, because it’s been a key part of other OSs. It would also be surprising consider that Microsoft is pushing Metro as an ‘experience’ to consumers, and the Media Center would be integral to that.

Windows Media Center Version

As we reported, it’s very possible that not all Windows 8 version will include the Windows Media Center

The blog says that there is a Windows 8 Pro version and a “Pro Pack” that comes with WMC, so perhaps there are two different “Pro” builds. That might be awfully confusing for some.

In the first screen users are asked how they would like to upgrade, and are told which version of Windows 8 they are currently running (the screenshot on the blog says “Pro”). Users can buy a key online, or enter one they already have. Apps, files and settings stay.

After, the PC upgrades itself and tells the user when the process has finished. After that, it restarts. When finished, the screen showed the version as “Pro Pack” again suggesting there are two versions of Windows 8 Pro or at least some form of DLC.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade To Pro Pack
(Image Courtesy: – showing the Windows 8 Pro Pack – possibly the Pro version including WMC)

The blog also shows the Windows Media Center app on the Start Screen. It doesn’t look final though, with the green orb logo as the icon. From the screenshot, it looks like the version from Windows 7.

The build isn’t showing the orb in the Pro Pack also. The blog says work on the SKU has just begun, and changes are expected.

Microsoft will be talking to partners soon if rumours are anything to go by, so I expect the leaked builds to be an accurate portrayal of what we’re going to get in the final build. Assuming an October release is happening, Microsoft likely won’t be making drastic change at this point.


Published: Saturday, March 31st, 2012 Last Modified: March 31, 2012

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