Windows 8 Pro OEM Finally Available For Pre-Order

Windows 8 Pro Us Version Box Art Thumb Microsoft finally allowed retailers to take your pre-orders for Windows 8 Pro and various other editions

Important: The OEM edition is currently only available in selected regions

Pre-Order Links

Amazon usually has the best pre-order guarantees:

Click here for the best pre-order offers

Windows 8 Pro – The Best Version?

Many users are usually confused when Microsoft releases a new Windows version. Why? Because there are so many different editions and not all of them are equal. Some allow you only to upgrade from previous versions, while others are stand-alone editions or ship without the Media Player

Windows 8 Pro Us Version Box Art

Windows 8 OEM Standalone – Apparently Only On Selected Retailers

Actually, it’s quite easy. If you are not buying a tablet or computer with Windows 8 you should buy an upgrade edition and use it to upgrade from one of the previous versions (XP,Vista,7). A standalone OEM edition does not seem to be available from many retailers. The OEM version (standalone) is currently available on the German Amazon website, but appears to be absent from and as of right now

Feature Comparison

The regular editions lacks a couple features and the Pro edition has a few more features than the RT edition. To compare all features download our free PDF

We Compared The Windows 8 Editions And New Features

Click here for free PDF to compare Windows 8 vs. Windows 8 Pro vs. RT

Published: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 Last Modified: October 13, 2012

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