Windows 8 PCs Are Available To Buy Now, Though Are Not Releasing Until After Launch

Windows 8 Desktop Pc 150Pxp2 Windows 8 PCs are now available to buy from retailers, though the problem is the machines aren’t available to use until after Windows 8 launches.

Getting machines day-and-date with Windows 8 is probably going to be a difficult ask, though, and left for consumers venturing in-store.

Devices available, though not available on October 26 crucially

Home Shopping Network is taking pre-orders for Windows 8 PCs, though machines will ship October 30. That’s four days after Windows 8 launches, so it may be worthwhile heading into stores and buying devices directly if Windows 8 is a must-buy.

Ll_windows 8 Desktop Pc

The most expensive device available is a 23-inch all-in-one computer for $1200, and features an i5 chip. A Core i3 system is available for $700. Additionally, a 15-inch laptop using a Core i5 processor is almost $1000 — $999 actually.

Whether the prices are reflective of the prices from the majority of consumers is unknown. Steve Blammer said on Surface, a tablet-desktop hybrid from Microsoft, $300 to $700-800 is the ideal price. Pricing closely to its chief competitors in the tablet market, Apple, a market Microsoft is pushing towards with Windows 8, is important. With the launch of iPad Mini Microsoft’s pricing strategy may become increasingly complex, a fact for consumers not offering seven-inch iPads.

Sans Physical Approach Better Value Proposition, At Least For Now

Of course the option to buy a Windows 8 PC isn’t the only option available to consumers. Buying a Windows 7 PC allows consumers to upgrade for $15. That’s considerably cheaper that $1000, or more. The third option is to buy Windows 8, for as cheap s $39.99 digitally, and install it on an existing Windows machine. Though depending on the PC it may mean a fresh install is better for performance.

Windows 8 launches October 26 worldwide. The company is celebrating the operating system with an event October 25; the company’s Surface tablets are rumoured to be launching at midnight, perhaps offering the biggest potential for queues. Reviews of the device will be anticipated.

It perhaps would be a surprise if Microsoft doesn’t unveil a range of Windows 8 during the launch of the operating system, particularly to the media. Giving them something to write about to build anticipation seems logical.

Published: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 Last Modified: October 11, 2012

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