Windows 8 On ARM Might Have Limited Desktop Environment

Windows 8 Desktop Screenshot_thumb.jpg 1Since the rumors of Office 15 for Windows 8 raised the issue of a limited desktop environment on Windows 8 on ARM, there are a lot of theories flying around about what that might be like for users.

Windows 8 On ARM To Have Limited Desktop, Supporting Chosen Apps

Looks like Windows 8 on ARM will have a Desktop environment after all. But since Microsoft has officially confirmed that it won’t have legacy app support, this is a special, limited kind of desktop that we are talking about. This news surfaced from The Verge, which was the original source behind the rumors of Office 15 for Windows 8 not being made up of fully Metro apps.

This divide between the Legacy Desktop environment and the new fangled Metro UI has been a source of confusion amongst Windows watchers from day one. And then comes the platform divide – Windows 8 for x86 (Intel and AMD) will run both Desktop and Metro normally. Windows 8 on ARM (used by Snapdragon, NVIDIA Tegra, etc.) will ‘not’ have this was the official word. However, Microsoft might have decided to allow some specific apps to enjoy some sort of a desktop environment on ARM devices.

According to the sources at The Verge, Microsoft will require a trusted certificate for apps to run on this limited Desktop on ARM. At the moment, this is limited to Office apps and Internet Explorer.

If true, this raises a lot of questions regarding Microsoft’s plans, usability and touch versus keyboard and mouse complications. How do you use Desktop on a tablet? Perhaps with an onscreen keyboard and touchpad. However, before dissecting it strand per strand we better wait for some solid proof. Till then, this is just another rumor like the many others that cropped up and were blown out of the water.

Published: Friday, February 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: February 3, 2012

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