Windows 8 Now 7.41% Of Computer Market

On Monday, NetApplications released the monthly updates for operating systems, and the latest numbers are good for Microsoft. The numbers show an almost 2% increase for Windows 8, and show that consumers and enterprise customers are slowly adapting to Windows 8.

The latest industry numbers released show that while Windows 7 still remains a huge player in the operating system world, the improvements by Windows 8 to gain are working. As Windows 8.1 is released in October, this should see these numbers jump even further.

Windows 8 Gaining Marketshare With 2 Percentage Bump In August Numbers

Windows 7 + Windows XP 80%

What is remarkable for those who are first reading the report are that Windows XP holds 33.66% of the market, and Windows 7 has 45.63%. Windows 7 actually saw a 1% increase in the numbers while users who still manage to hang onto the Windows XP system on their computers are still in huge numbers.

Windows 8 Up 2 Percent In One Month

By far the biggest news though is that Windows 8 went from 5.40% to 7.41% in just one month. This is great news for Windows and Microsoft, and is showing consumers are adapting to Windows 8. The sales of computers, tablets, and other devices are fueling this charge, and the September numbers should show even higher numbers with school purchases included.

Windows 8.1 Only Coming

As these numbers are released through the upcoming months by NetApplications, the release of Windows 8.1 in October should fuel a major increase in the consumer and enterprise adoption of Windows 8. Consumers are still somewhat leery of Windows 8, but the updated fixes and enhancements should lure customers to the Windows 8 world, and hopefully away from the Windows XP percentages as quoted above.

These numbers are great for Microsoft and show that Windows 8 is working. It might be going slower than expected, but a vast change in the operating system and touch interface is a major change for consumers and business customers. The newer computers coming later this year, should make these numbers jump and give Microsoft great year-end numbers for the Windows 8 brand. The November numbers should include Windows 8.1, and this should also see a greater percentage for Windows 8.

Published: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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