Windows 8 News: Advanced Drag and Drop Support

Windows 8 will have advanced drag and drop support. You can then drag files into the address bar of the explorer as seen below:

Windows 8 Drag And Drop Address Bar

From Windows 1.0 to Windows 8

The Windows operating system has been in use since 1985, developed by Microsoft. Windows 1.0 was the first Windows operating system available for widespread use, and it was the first to move into a more graphical interface. It has come a long way since then and allows users more customization on their personal computers. Each new operating system includes more free software, which started with the legendary Solitaire, word processors like WordPad, and other simple functions like the calculator.

The First OS With A Visual Interface: A Key

Microsoft Windows was one of the first operating systems to use a visual interface, rather than a text based one. In fact, the operating system originally got its name due to the fact that it could have various ‘windows’ open on the computer screen that showed programs and computer information. Some of the other original features of early versions of the Windows operating system included the ability to use keyboard shortcuts, which many computer users are familiar with today. These include things like CTRL-C to copy text or CTRL-N to open a new window or program.

The Newest Feature – Drag and Drop

In Windows 8, there is going to be a brand new feature (see picture above) While it is a small thing, it is going to make navigation much easier. In older versions, in order to move files, users would have had to either copy and paste them to their destination, or have multiple Windows Explorer folders open at one time. However, in Windows 8, there will be the new ‘Drag and Drop’ feature. This feature will allow users to have one Windows Explorer open, and they will be able to drag files directly to the Explorer address bar, easily moving files to a different folder.

The Future of Windows Operating Systems

This new Windows 8 Drag and Drop feature is just a very, very tiny taste of what is going to come in future Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft is consistently coming up with new user friendly features that can make the computer usage experience easier for everyone. Since Windows 8 is still in development, there could be more new features in the works for when the operating system is released for personal computers. As technology grows and new features are researched, Microsoft can be expected to be one of the first companies to make the newest features available to the public.

When Windows 8 is released, many people will be happy to know they can immediately start using the new drag and drop feature. Since it is so easy to use, there is not much of a learning curve. Even those people who are new to a Windows operating system will be able to move their files quickly and accurately.

Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: May 31, 2011

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