Windows 8: New Explorer With Ribbon UI ?

We already knew the rumors that Windows 8 might introduce a completely new explorer. According to the latest Windows 8 rumors, the Windows Explorer will have a Ribbon UI that you might know from Office, perhaps even with tabs.

Windows 8 Ribbon UI

Tabs are so common in (web) browsers nowadays, that it would make a lot of sense to add tabs to the Windows explorer too.

The Ribbon interface that we know from many other Microsoft products is pretty decent, I could imagine they’d want to implement the same feature in the new Explorer.

Ribbon UI: Perfect Addition To The Windows Explorer?

Let’s take a look at the leaked Windows 8 screenshots from

Windows 8 Explorer With Ribbon Interface
Image Courtesy:

Always keep in mind, whatever you hear about Windows 8 or see is “work in progress” or possibly 100% wrong. Although there’s probably a good chance that Windows 8 will have a Ribbon UI here and there, nothing is written in stone.

Head over to to read the full post by Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, who are hard at work writing a new Windows 8 book “Windows 8 secrets”.

Published: Monday, April 4th, 2011 Last Modified: April 4, 2011

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