Windows 8: Mount ISO Files (Goodbye PowerISO?)

Windows 8 is rumored to have a feature that allows you to mount ISO files, according to the latest leaked Windows 8 screenshots.

Windows 8 Mount ISO Files

We can already burn ISO files in Windows 7, so this is the next logical step. So far, Windows 7 users had to make use of popular tools like DaemonTools or PowerISO, but if Windows 8 will already implement this feature we will no longer need those tools. Anyway, PowerISO and DaemonTools have lot of other features that Windows 8 will most likely not include, so I wouldn’t be surprised if PowerISO would become even more popular now that the average Windows 8 user will know that it is possible to mount ISO files (most non-techies don’t know this is possible).

Windows 8 Mount ISO

Mounting ISO files is really a handy feature. If you don’t want to burn all your ISO files onto DVD’s, you can simply store them on your hard drive (disk space is cheap enough) and mount them whenever they are needed.

In the latest build 7976.0.110401-1700 you can mount ISO files from the context menu, but if the Windows 8 explorer is going to have a ribbon UI, I could imagine that you’ll also be able to access the new “Mount ISO” feature from other menus.

Published: Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 Last Modified: July 15, 2011

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