Windows 8 Might Run All Windows Phone 7 Apps And More

Windows 7 apps On Windows8 We already knew that the upcoming Windows 8 would be able to run standard Windows Phone 8 apps but now there’s news that it might even be able to run Windows Phone 7 Apps.

Windows 8 Might Support Windows Phone 7 Apps

Since Windows 8 is so very well integrated with Windows Phone 8, it well expected that the OS will support Windows Phone 8 Apps. However, a new report from the makers of a Windows Phone 7 app called I’m A WP7. The app has a feedback feature that sends back the OS versions that is being used on. In a recent report, there’s on entry that suggests the app is being used on Windows 8.0 Desktop OS, build 6.2.8283.0. The consumer preview build is numbered at 6.2.8250.0, which means this is some newer internal version that is being tested inside Microsoft HQ.

There were chances that this was reported because somebody was running the app inside a development environment like Visual Studio on Windows 8. But then you notice that it says ‘Jupiter’. This is important because Jupiter is known to be the code name for a core components used inside the Metro UI platform. This means the app was being run by Metro.

WP7 apps are in reality very similar to the apps that will be used inside WP8 and Windows 8. For Microsoft, it would be really used to support WP7 apps with very little code changes like they have promised. However, it is also quite easy for Microsoft to provide a supporting framework for WP7 apps so they can be run as is on Windows 8.

The main roadblock to this dream world would be the resolution problem. Windows 8 would have desktop resolutions. So rendering WP7 apps in that would be very difficult. However, the solution to this would be to run the apps as their own very large tiles or some similar interface. It can basically an extension or a modified form of the ‘Snap’ feature in Windows 8 where two apps can share the screen at once without overlapping. So yes, it is quite possible and believable that Windows 8 will support WP7 apps in some form or the other. All 70,000 of them.

Published: Monday, March 19th, 2012 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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