Windows 8 Metro Themes Will Be A Dream For Minimalists

Over on the Windows 8 blog Steven Sinofsky unveiled that Windows 8 might have a rather minimalistic theme and a design that is not stuffed with endless submenus and countless toolbars.

Windows 8 Metro Themes Dream

We haven’t seen a lot of the new Windows 8 Metro UI and of course many elements are still work in progress, but we can already say that Microsoft is going for a clean user experience with a minimalist touch.

User Feedback So Far: >>We Want A Simple Shell<<

A lot of people are looking forward to a simple UI – reducing the explorer shell and desktop to fundamental Windows 8 features, Sinofsky states on the blog. But, they also recognize that “hiding is not simplifying” and it’s quite a challenge for them.

We are actively considering the feedback in this regard. We share the goal in having a clean user experience. We also have the goal of making sure people can get done the things they do want to get done.

This will also be discussed at the upcoming BUILD conference, where Microsoft will unveil Windows 8. It will be nice to see these tiday app themes they’ve created so far in action. The smart user tiles are definitely a dream for minimalists who need an organized desktop.

Another hot topic will of course be apps. The Windows 8 Metro theme will be all about apps, very similar to what you might know from Windows Phone 7.

I assume that cross-platform compatibility will mean that desktop users have to expect quite a few changes. It’s quite a job to redesign and rebuild the original Windows shell to make it look modern, yet somehow familiar to Windows veterans and work well on multiple platforms.

Fanmade Windows 8 Themes

We’ve already seen a lot of nice Windows 8 Metro themes based on some of the Windows 8 features we’ve seen so far.

If you would like to make Windows 7 look similar to Windows 8, read our tutorial how to transform Windows 7 and make it look like Windows 8

Published: Monday, September 5th, 2011 Last Modified: September 5, 2011

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