Windows 8 Metro Theme Color Picker + New Theme Options

Several leaked screenshots from the upcoming Windows 8 Beta show the new Windows 8 theme color picker and new options.

Theme Color Picker During Windows 8 Set Up Process


Windows 8 Metro Theme Color Picker

Leaked screens of the Metro theme colors:

Windows 8 Themes Color Picker Large


Leaked Screenshots Show Windows 8 Start Screen Color Theme Picker

Windows 8 focus site has posted some more leaked screenshots of the upcoming beta version of Windows 8. These screenshots feature some new additions to the set up process, including a new theme color picker. The new color picker looks pretty simple, but it’s obvious that you can pick even more colors for your Windows 8 Metro theme later on. Keep in mind this is for the actual Metro desktop, not the real desktop.

Nestled inside the new installation process is an extra step that asks you to choose a color from a basic set of onscreen colors for your new Start Screen. It also assures you saying “you will be able to personalize more later”.

More Personalization options and ways to customize the Windows 8 theme are in high demand from users like visitors of our website Microsoft had promised that such options would become available in the coming versions and it looks they kept their promise.

Other than this, the rest of the screenshots show various parts of the set up process. The settings option in the Beta has more options than the Developer Preview. Now aside from having options for Update, automatic update, etc., you also have options for automatic protection for files, network based sharing, etc.

Theme Color Picker During Windows 8 Set Up Process

Another minor change has been on the log in screen. In the Developer Preview it was simply called Log On. In the Beta it seems to have ben changed to “Sign In To Your PC”. Clearly, Microsoft is going for a more user-friendly approach with its phrasings.

Over all, Beta is likely to carry a lot of new features and some of them are going to fulfill the long waiting list of features that the preview build users have been putting up ever since September.

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: December 23, 2011

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