Windows 8 Lives Longer For Business Users

As Microsoft rolls out Windows 8 for more and more business users and enterprise customers, the Windows 7 systems surprisingly still sell very well. On Friday, Microsoft gave its OEM partners longer to keep building machines with Windows 7 as a sign that enterprise still means a lot.

The number of businesses and enterprise customers ordering Windows 7 continues to grow, and adoption of Windows 8 has ticked up, but only slowly. By extending the dates that OEM partners can still build Windows 7 machines, this means OEM partners will be happier as well.

Windows 8 Lives Longer For Business Users

Why Extend The Date For OEM’s

Many might ask why did Microsoft extend the date for OEM partners? Back in December, Microsoft told its OEM partners that October 30, 2014 would be the deadline for Windows 7 machines. Of course, that came down quickly as enterprise customers reacted to the news, and pushed Microsoft for an extension.

Today, Microsoft came out with an official statement that Windows 7 would be able to be included on these business machines for an unknown time. Enterprise and business customers aren’t buying Windows 8 machines, as most don’t have touchscreens in the workplace, nor do they need the metro environment that Windows 8 delivers.

Windows 7 Will Continue To Sell For Business OEM Customers According To Microsoft

Windows 7 Lives

While Windows 7 has been cutoff on home machines at the end of October 2014, businesses are what matters to Microsoft. Large companies order huge numbers of machines from OEM partners, and they need to deliver machines that will work for them, and that is Windows 7. Windows 7 is still a leader for many, and makes Windows 8 something not on their radar.

I’m a strong believer that Windows 7 will be around for a good long time for the enterprise. I know people who buy thousands of machines at a time, and they won’t get near Windows 8. It’s too fancy, it has too much of a learning curve for employees, and it doesn’t serve their interests for the enterprise. By giving them an extension on Windows 7 machines, Windows 7 will live a long time, and that makes business customers happy.

I love Windows 8, but Windows 7 is what is needed in the business world. Windows 9 maybe a winner for the business, but that’s a good long ways away.

Published: Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 Last Modified: February 18, 2014

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