Windows 8 Lets You Decide Which Internet Explorer Version You Want As Default (Desktop Or Metro)

Windows 8 Ie10 Metro Microsoft announced that you will be able to decide what Internet Explorer version you want to use in Windows 8, either the Metro version or the Desktop version.

Choose Your Default IE Version On Windows 8

According to Microsoft, users need not lose sleep over the fact that there are in fact two different versions of the beloved Internet Explorer on Windows 8. One is for the desktop side of things and the other is of course for the Metro UI. According to the company, there is a setting that will allow the user to choose which Explorer opens by default.

On its own, this is nothing major. It is just another default setting that is user-customizable. But factor in the time and effort spent by the average person online and you will begin to understand why Microsoft had to announce this separately to highlight it.

People might easily get confused and scared by IE10 on Metro. Veteran users might be frustrated even. So if you are unable to change the basic setting on the OS, most users might back off the OS just because the browser is not something they’d want to use. After all, the average user spends most of his time online through a browser and spends far less time on local applications.

The default setting of Windows 8 works contextually. If you are clicking a link within a Metro App, the Metro version of IE10 will open and if you are clicking from the Desktop, the Desktop version will open. But you can now set either the Metro or the Desktop version to open all links clicked on your system.

Even though the browsers use the same engine, similarities between them end right there. The Metro IE10 is about as different in look feel and functionality as it can be from the Desktop IE10. Plus the Metro version does not even support plugins. So no ActiveX or Flash, which would make many flash game addicts extremely distraught.

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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