Windows 8 Leaks: “Immersive” Browser, Metro Tile UI And PDF Reader

Let’s take a look at the latest Windows 8 leaks: A new “immersive” browser, possibly Internet Explorer 10 with the design of a Windows Phone 7, a new “Tile UI” and an integrated PDF reader in Windows 8.

immersive ui windows 8

As was expected with the Windows pre-beta developer previews being sent out, leaks about new features and screenshots are all abounding the Internet. One set of them concerns the new ‘Immersive’ browser in Windows 8, Tile UI similar to WP7 and a PDF Reader.

Metro Tile UI in Windows 8

Windows 8 is slowly turning out to be a combination of Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. A fresh round of leaked screenshots have pretty much confirmed that Microsoft is currently hard at work to incorporate the Metro UI design language in to Windows 7.

Immersive Browser, Metro Tile UI And A PDF Reader

Windows 8’s ‘Immersive’ browser is a combination of WP7’s browser’s looks and the IE9’s desktop rendering engine. It seems to be hardcoded to work only in full-screen mode. This fits in to the rumors of the Windows 8 tablet UI being based on the WP7 Metro UI. It will have a new app model, code named “Jupiter” and deployed as AppX (.appx) packages. These will part of a new app store and will be written in Sliverlight just like in WP7. Microsoft is going to provide existing WP7 developers an easy way to adopt to the new app model.

The UI will be based on the tile model found in WP7. For example tabs opened in the browser will show up as little squares in the tray.

PDF Reader in Windows 8

Some other Windows 8 screenshots revealed the “Modern Reader” application for Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with its own PDF reader! It is a simple enough application, installed as AppX and displays PDF’s in full fidelity. It also has a page scrubber on the side.

Windows 8 PDF Reader

Windows 8 PDF Reader

Windows 8 PDF Reader

That’s a very elegant design for a PDF reader. I was always a big fan of the Windows Phone 7 UI.

Microsoft Preparing Windows 8 For Tablet PC’s

The integration with WP7’s design language and UI elements is definitely the right step to prepare Windows 8 for Tablet PC’s and other movile devices. If nothing else, we will at least have large Windows Phone devices that have absolutely massive screens ;)

Published: Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 Last Modified: April 6, 2011

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