Windows 8 Laptops HP Envy M4 And Sleekbook 14/15 Unveiled, Plus Phoenix H9 Gaming PC

Hp Envy Sleekbook_thumb HP announced a pair of Windows 8 devices, going for the laptop audience. The Envy m4 and the Sleekbook 14 and 15 aim for the low-end consumer, and won’t be running Windows RT.

More days pass before Windows 8 launches, more companies unveiled Windows 8 devices

HP just announced a pair of Windows 8 low-end laptops, called the Envy m4 and the Sleekbook 14 and 15. The device use Intel’s Core processors, though not the Clover Trail/Atom chip Intel is talking about September 27. It is the latest chip Intel is bringing to a host of devices from HP along with companies including Dell.

First, the Envy m4. The, 14-inch display is in an aluminum case. The processors inside are Intel i3 and i5s, 8GB of RAM, and either a SSD or a 1TB hard drive. You’re also buying into a speakers and a subwoofer due to the Beats Audio partnership, which seems neat. It appears HTC isn’t the only company partnering with Beats.

Hp Windows 8 Envy M4
Picture: HP Envy

The seconds models are Sleekbooks, because HP is putting two devices under one category. The Sleekbook 14 uses a 14-inch display, AMD CPU-GPU hybrid; the Sleekbook 15, unsurprisingly, comes with a 15.6-inch display. It also uses an Intel processor with an option to choose a Nvidia discrete graphics card. That aside the storage options are similar to the Envy with the additional colours of red and black. The models also feature a webcam, HDMI, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

Hp Envy Sleekbook
Picture: HP Sleekbook

Not Lust-Worthy

HP also announced the Phoenix h9 gaming PC. It uses an Intel Cory Ivy Bridge processor and includes liquid cooling if that’s your thing. That’s all we know: pricing starts at £900 (perhaps users can customize internals) and also launches October 26.

Regarding price, the m4 starts from $899. The Sleekbook 14 starts from half the price at $499 with the 14-inch version $559. The prices cover the U.S. and launch October 26, day and date with Windows 8.

The devices don’t seem compelling Windows 8 devices, but then buying a PC or laptop is always a minefield. The interesting devices are going to be with tablets given Windows 8 is the first Windows operating system to target the device. Though to be fair, tablets became widely popular from 2009.

Published: Friday, September 21st, 2012 Last Modified: September 21, 2012

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