Windows 8 introduces revamped task manager

Many people have tried out the Windows 8 Developer Preview made available by Microsoft and most of them seem to be happy with the new features which were introduced.
Task Manager improved Interface

The new revamped task manager is also one of the major additions to the new version of Windows. The task manager now offers much more detailed information about the running processes, CPU, network among other things.

Windows 7 had a lot of interesting features and additions when it released but the look of the task manager remained the same as that provided in Windows XP. The functionality of the manager is also very limited and it provides only basic information about the CPU usage, page file and network activity. It is sufficient for the average user but for the advanced users there simply isn’t enough information provided by the standard task manager. Many administrators use other applications like Process Hacker 2 which offers more options and information.

Windows 7 task manager limitations

Going into details, the old interface of the task manager did not provide relevant information about processor IDs. When you want to identify the CPU graph which shows abnormal activity there is no way to identify the specific processor. The computers now have multiple processors and the graphs get very small when you are observing more than 64 logical processors. It becomes very difficult to read charts in such cases. Another feature that is lacking is the lack of real time comparisons between the graphs. It is hard to figure out any discrepancies in the CPU usage of the various processes.

Improved Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8 features an improved task manager which can show up to 640 logical processors. The CPU graphs have been improved and there is an option to get the logical processor ID that can be mapped to each process just by moving your mouse over the process. The heat map now scales itself automatically and other detailed information about the logical processors is shown at an appropriate size. There are many other customizable options available for advanced users as well.

Overall many of the users who tried out the developer preview have been satisfied with the changes which were introduced. The new improved task manager is just one of the many new interesting features that will be featured in Windows 8.

Published: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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