Windows 8 Installation Optimized For Touch-Screen Mobile Devices

Microsoft revamped the Windows 8 installation. It is also rumored that XP users might not be able to do a direct upgrade to Windows 8.
Windows 8 Beta leaked Installation Shots

Microsoft had perfected many of the aspects which make a good operating system while developing Windows 7. Hence it is quite a tough task for the software giant to improve the old features and create a better Windows 8. Over the last few months we have been introduced to interesting new features that are incorporated in the new OS which clearly indicate that Microsoft is placing major importance on the touch screen capability of Windows 8. The Metro Style UI and the new picture password sign in among other features which will improve the experience for the user on touch screen devices. Some revealing pictures of the installation procedure have been leaked on the internet.

Optimized for Touch

The leaked screenshots of the installation procedure were leaked to the internet and surfaced on, a Chinese website. The pictures reveal that the setup menus have been optimized for Windows operated touch screen devices. There is also an option for virtual keyboard to fill in the relevant details during the installation procedure. This feature will be quite helpful for users who have touch screen devices as Microsoft has made it possible for them to install Windows 8 more easily.

Windows 8 Installation specifics

Microsoft has not yet revealed the upgrade options that will be available for Windows 8. However it is speculated that Windows XP users will not be able to upgrade to Windows 8 and will have to go for fresh installation. On the other hand Windows 7 and Vista users can hope to directly upgrade to Windows 8. The installation of Windows 8 Beta version allows you to choose from two options. One of them is to remove everything from the earlier version of Windows already installed on your device or to retain the files, apps and settings from the previous version in the new installation of Windows 8. You can opt for the clean install if you don’t wish to keep the previous settings.

Many people want to test out the Windows 8 beta and the new screenshots indicate that Microsoft has probably finished the bulk of the development. The beta version of the much awaited Windows 8 will be released next year in February.

Published: Saturday, December 24th, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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