Windows 8 Hybrid Devices Will Challenge iPad Battery Life

Windows 8 Hybrid Covepoint Intel’s Clover Trail platform for tablets might deliver an always-on computing experience that takes battery life beyond that of the iPad.

Windows 8 Clover Trail Tablets Might Have Better Battery Life Than The iPad

Intel is working on a new platform called Clover Trail that will boast of impressive battery life, amongst other things. It will feature over 9 hours of battery life, 30 days of stand by time and the final devices will weigh less than 1.5 pounds in chassis that will be less than 9mm thin. And all of that put together should be sufficient challenge for the iPad.

Most manufacturers are working on a hybrid of the traditional notebook and the modern tablet to combine both use cases and give their devices a better chance at competing with the iPad. Apple’s tablet has become the current benchmark simply because it is currently dominating the tablet market. It has a lead by a huge margin and the closest competitor is the Amazon Kindle Fire (as per the last published surveys), which lags behind in both market share and price.

One of the main advantages of Clover Trail is going to be its ability to remain on stand by. There’s no need to shut it down and hence it can provide an instant-on experience that so many devices have been pursuing all along. However, it is difficult to say whether Clover Trail can single-handedly take on the iPad and defeat. The battery life claim is a softer target for now because Apple has sought to balance out performance and battery life instead of going all out on battery life. This especially true of the new iPad, which has to pump out a lot of pixels compared to all other comparable devices, thanks to the super high resolution of its Retina Display.

Clover Trail is currently only on paper because it is still under development. So we will have to wait a while longer to find out whether Intel can live up to these promises.

Published: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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