Windows 8 Hits 200 Million Licenses

Windows 8 has been judged a number of different ways by critics and users, but the number of licenses is generally the sign of success for a Windows product. On Thursday, Microsoft’s executive vice president Tami Reller announced a 200 million license mark for Windows 8.

With 200 million Windows 8 licenses as announced on Thursday, Windows 8 actually can be considered a hit. The number is a general number from Microsoft, and doesn’t include enterprise, volume license sales, or other sales. It does show that Windows 8 is a success for Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces 200 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold

Over 100 Million Licenses Since May 2013

The number of 200 million Windows 8 licenses is a big number, and is a big improvement since the 100 million copies sold note released by Microsoft in May 2013. As that announcement was done on May 7th, 2013, that means over 100 million copies have been sold, and makes the rollout of Windows 8.1 an improvement for many users.

Calculations by analysts for Windows 8 make it around 350,000 licenses sold per day, and that number is a staggering amount for Windows. During January 2013, Microsoft noted that they had sold 60 million copies, and that shows that the software is a success for many on the personal and enterprise levels.

Microsoft Shows Windows 8.1 Helped Mark To 200 Million Licenses

Windows 8.1 Did Help Sales

The number of 200 million licenses of Windows 8 certainly was helped with the rollout of the Windows 8.1 update. It gave users a huge number of fixes and updates, and gave them some familiarity of the software over Windows 8. It does include more than likely the computers that sit in offices across the world, but 200 million is still a large number.

The 200 million license figure also means that potentially that many users could start flooding the Windows Store, and that means developers could do very well with Windows 8. As the main hub for app sales, the Windows Store with 200 million customers means that a global audience is available to sell to, and to deliver high quality apps and programs to. Whether or not the developers do this, and whether Microsoft gives the Windows Store its needed fixes and revamps is unknown.

I’m impressed by this number and 200 million licenses is a big number for Windows 8. Windows 8.1 did help a ton, and 300 million could be around the corner.

Published: Friday, February 14th, 2014 Last Modified: February 14, 2014

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