Windows 8 Gaining In Usage By Consumers and Business User

Research released by Net Applications on Friday, indicated that Windows 8 usage by consumers and business users has grown as of May 2013, and that should be good news to Microsoft, despite the slow adaption overall.

In research released by Net Applications, usage of Windows 8 shows that overall there is a 4.27 percent usage of Windows 8 in Worldwide market share. This, although a slow increase from the previous months usage at 3.84 percent, does show that Windows 8 usage is growing by consumers and Enterprise level customers.

Windows 8 Marketshare Growing

Windows 8 Usage Over Other Windows OS Systems

In the report, Windows 8 at 4.27 percent does shadow other versions of Windows on the market today. With Windows 7 at 44.85 percent, Windows XP holding 37.74 percent, Windows Vista at 4.51 percent, and other 12 percent of other OS systems, Windows 8 is slowly but surely gaining a worldwide audience of users. It is surprising to see Windows XP holdings onto a 37.74 percent hold on the operating system market still, but the latest figures show Windows is still a dominant player overall.

Windows 8.1 Should Help Increase Marketshare

What we have learned this week, is that Microsoft has made major pushes towards making Windows 8 better, and is clearly set on describing in full detail what it is planning to do to make consumers and Enterprise level users Windows 8 users. With the Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 improvements, Microsoft is trying to get users off of Windows XP and get them to upgrade to Windows 8 in both the home and business.

Updates, Build 2013, and Free Updates

Users of Windows 8 have been clamoring for updates to Windows 8 and for the return of the start button and Microsoft is promising that for the updates ahead. With the free update and new developer tools expected to be released at Build 2013, both consumers and developers should be able to upgrade to Windows 8 easier and without any hesitance that they might have now using Windows XP or Windows 7. The updates available at Windows Store will give users an easy upgrade path, and inspire new customers on how easy Windows 8 truly is to use and upgrade on their systems.

The research by Net Applications does point to Windows 8 gaining overall appreciation and sales volume, but still is gaining traction overall in for users. The touch screen metro style interface along with the classic desktop view has confused early adopters, but with Microsoft’s announcements regarding Windows 8.1 and developers gaining new tools to develop for it, marketshare should continue to grow for Windows 8 overall.

Published: Saturday, June 1st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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