Windows 8 Explorer Has A New Name: “File Explorer”, RTM To Be Build 8500?

Leaked Screenshots from a new internal build of Windows 8 has revealed the new name of Windows Explorer.

Windows 8 File Explorer

Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Name For Windows Explorer In Windows 8

There have been rumors going around claiming the release of Windows 8 RTM build (Release To Manufacturing) is coming up in a matter of weeks now. Those same rumors claim that the build number of the RTM version would be 8500. So now we have screenshots that were allegedly taken from the 843x build and show a new name for Windows Explorer. It is now going to be called File Explorer apparently.

This also supports the rumors of build 8500 being close, since this is already build 843x. And if 8500 really is going to be the RTM build then we definitely are closing in on that milestone.

The renaming of Windows Explorer is definitely one of the smaller changes that Windows 8 has introduced. The world has survived the joint shock of the loss of the Start Button and the second-class citizenship of the ever-present Windows Desktop. So this one is likely to go down much easier than some of the other changes and newer additions.

And as we head towards the RTM build, we are likely to see even more leaks coming up to show us more newer additions. Microsoft seems to be well on its way to releasing Windows 8 commercially by the end of this year. The last we had heard of it, Microsoft was getting ready to release it by October this year. Now it seems more believable as we see more information getting released on to the internet, through both official and unofficial means. What we really have to watch out for now are the myriad of devices that Windows 8 is bound to be bringing in its wake.

Published: Sunday, July 8th, 2012 Last Modified: July 8, 2012

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