Windows 8 Enterprise Version: VDI Enhancements, AppLocker, DirectAccess, BranchCache

Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft appeal to the enterprise and allow them to use any devices with Windows 8.

Whether using multiple devices, or working from home, Microsoft now allows consumers to use any device

In the age of buying mobile devices every year, including tablets, using one device for a long or for one version of an operating system just isn’t a reality. With that in mind, Microsoft has announced features that support users who work on multiple devices.

On the back of announcing three versions of Windows 8 for consumers, announcing Windows 8 Enterprise on The Windows Blog. Enterprise includes features from Windows Pro, along with “premium features” designed for businesses. The blog outlined some of the exclusive features in the Enterprise edition, which are below.

Windows to Go: a Windows 8 desktop on a portable USB stick, Microsoft say this allows organizations to support the “Bring Your Own PC” trend while giving staff access to the environment without compromising security.

DirectAccess: allows users to access “resources inside a corporate network without having to launch a separate VPN” and helps IT administrators keep remote users’ PCs in “compliance by applying the latest policies, software updates” and is easier to deploy.

BranchCache: allows PC users to cache files and websites, among other content, so it’s not repeatedly downloaded across the wide area network. Microsoft says using the service with Windows Server 2012 brings improvements such as optimizing bandwidth.

Business security

AppLocker: useful for businesses because it can restrict files and apps people can run, so higher level employees can access more apps and vice versa.

VDI Enhancements: Enhancements in Microsoft RemoteFX and Windows Server 2012 provide users with a “rich desktop experience,” and provides the ability to “play 3D graphics” and use touch-enabled devices across any networks.

New Windows 8 App Deployment: domain joined PCs and tablets running Windows 8 Enterprise with automatically be enabled to side-load internal, Windows 8 Metro apps.

Microsoft also says users will better end-to-end security and manageability. The company is also keen to stress that business won’t have to compromise between the “functionality of a tablet or the productivity of a PC,” as Windows 8 does both. Whether the desktop side of Windows 8 can be used on tablets extensively remains to be seen.

Published: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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