Windows 8 Enterprise Gets Leaked Just Hours After Going RTM, We’re Not Surprised (Are We?)

Windows 8 Rtm Build Leak Download

Microsoft proudly announced August 1 Windows 8 release to manufacturing (RTM), meaning the operating system is finished until launch. It only took a day for torrents to emerge with download links to the full version of Windows 8, somehow.

Isn’t the point of limited release channels to ensure leaks don’t happen?

Windows 8 is releasing October 26 this year, but for users impatient to wait then torrents are online with downloads of the full RTM version of Windows 8. We’re not posting links here, but how have the torrents gone live when Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 to a very limited amount of customers?

Windows 8 is finished! Good news, for Microsoft, at least that’s what we want to type. It isn’t good news, though: Windows 8 has surfaced online just hours after the software giant announced the RTM.

Various torrent sites have the operating system available to download (just scroll down the comments section of a story, and you’ll probably see the links). Ironically, Microsoft’s staggered approach to releasing a version of WIndows 8 has caused the OS to go live before TechNet and MSDN customer gets the operating system. Goodness knows how it’s gone live, considering regular consumers shouldn’t be using the OS until October 26.

Enterprise Leaks Build, Perhaps

The leaked version is the Enterprise edition, which has gone live. Microsoft said in the the blog post, announcing the dates of the various avenues, the Enterprise edition was going out to IT organisations to basically prep the business for the operating system’s launch. So it’s not the Windows 8 Pro edition, but close.

The version is called the N edition of Windows 8, referring to the build with Windows Media Player pre-installed. Microsoft originally didn’t implement Windows Media Player into Windows 8, but was forced to after a ruling by the European Commission said Player had to be implemented. So is this the edition enterprise is getting?

In the blog post, published Tuesday, dates run throughout August and into September. Microsoft said more dates could be added, and will make details know when appropriate. The early builds are primarily for developers building apps for Windows 8, with access to software including Visual Studio and a developer center.

Microsoft isn’t talking about the leak, unsurprisingly. Windows 8 release October 26.

Published: Friday, August 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: August 3, 2012

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