Windows 8 eBook Download (PDF)

Download Windows 8 Ebook Pdf We’ve been holding onto this announcement for a while, but we are launching a VIP membership soon and will also release a Windows 8 eBook (PDF) that you can download for free (short) or for a very small fee (extended). Details after the break.

The eBook will help out beginners to understand the new Metro UI and advanced users will find some useful registry tweaks in it. If you would like to be an early bird and get a special discount that no one else gets, subscribe here:


PDF eBook To Better Understand Windows 8

I’ll only shortly describe what we include in the eBook for now, a detailed list of the entire content will be added shortly.

First, we’ll teach you how to properly navigate Windows 8 with a mouse and on a tablet. Next on the list, we are going to explain how to access the most frequent features like log off, shutdown, restart and how to create new user tiles to add new shortcuts to the Metro desktop.

In the Windows 8 eBook we will also teach you how to properly administrate the new Windows OS and enable the hidden administration account and disable certain features that can possibly slow down your PC.

In the last part of the eBook we will explain how to apply registry tweaks and give you over 50 useful tweaks to make Windows 8 run better.

If you have any request for tutorials to be included either on the site or in the eBook you are welcome to submit your questions below.

Download Free Windows 7 eBook

You can get a very short free eBook for Windows 7 here that you can partly apply to Windows 8 – we will also release a short free version of the above mentioned eBook for all of our visitors.

Published: Friday, March 16th, 2012 Last Modified: March 17, 2012

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