Windows 8 Countdown Begins With New Ads, Show Modern UI’s Positives

Windows 8 Countdown Thumb Windows 8 is almost here for the public after months of waiting, criticism, and praise.

Leaked ads for the platform surfaced online, but Microsoft is showing the real thing with a countdown to the platform’s release.

Windows 8 isn’t out but the fact advertisements are on TV means plenty more will be arriving in the coming weeks

Just 11 days remain, though developers, enterprise customers, and TechNet and MSDN subscribers have had access to the release to manufacturing build (RTM) across August and September of Windows 8. Now TV ads showing the operating system are going live, officially, before the operating system’s launch.

The first official release of a Windows 8 TV ad shows a countdown to the platform, repeating the number right. In the following 30 seconds snapshots of the system are shown, from playing Fruit Ninja to drawing with a virtual paintbrush. Modern UI is consistently shown with no desktop environment appearing, though perhaps that’s not a surprise considering the leaked ads showing fleeting glimpses of the traditional environment.

Perhaps it’s an indication of where Microsoft wants Windows 8 to travel. Or perhaps it feels Modern UI is the deal-breaker for the operating system, pulling in or pushing away users. With Windows Phone 8 using a similar user interface that may be the case.

Marketing will go some way to getting consumers aware of Windows 8. However accessible price points, like a digital download for $39.99, will remove barriers for the skeptical. Physical editions costs $69.99. Prices will rise in 2013, so the incentive is to get in early and cheaply for the next Windows release.

Integrating Platforms

At the risking of being reductive, creating ads showing how Windows 8 is used is a successful strategy for Apple. Showing that functionality with Modern UI is important for users to understand what it does.

What advertisements haven’t yet shown is Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 integration. Considering the platforms’ near identical Modern UIs, and the ability for developers to build one app to launch on the platforms, showing consumers different areas of Microsoft’s ecosystem seems logical. Windows Phone 8 launches on October 29, further highlighting the platforms’ integration.

Eleven days left means October 26 is Windows 8’s launch. October 25 sees Windows 8’s celebration event.

Published: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 Last Modified: October 16, 2012

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