Windows 8 Consumer Preview Leaked — RIP Start Button & Menu

Windows 8 Logo 1_Thumb.jpg 1As the Public Beta release date draws ever closer, there’s a bevy of rumors and speculations covering the blogosphere and the hottest piece of news is the demise of the iconic Start Button and the Start Menu.

Windows Start Button And Menu No More, Beta Release Very Close

Looks like Microsoft decided to completely do away with the Start Menu and Start Button on Windows 8. That tiny little ‘orb’ that people were so used to clicking through out Windows Vista and Windows 7 will now be replaced with hot corners. So the ‘super bar’ will now serve as a hosting space for launching apps and shortcuts to currently running apps. So it has basically gone the way of the OS X Dock where you can see your currently running apps and pin apps to launch them as necessary. However, all if that will be wrapped up in the Metro UI.

In the meantime, Windows Expert Paul Thurrott made a very interesting speculation. Windows 8 on ARM will essentially be running the same kernel as the Windows Phone 8 (which also runs on ARM), it logically concludes that Windows Phone Apps will be able to run on Windows 8 on ARM. If that is true and it should be, Microsoft will be doing the same thing as Apple did and making some manner of switch over technique for apps designed to run on phones made to run on a Windows 8 ARM tablet.

Microsoft might even allow Windows 8 on Intel to run phone apps but then that would be stretching things slightly and it is not very useful to run phone apps on a netbook or desktop. Although, using the same model would help PCs save a lot of power because mobile apps are very efficient at using resources.

Over all, it is an exciting time for the Windows community. The Consumer Preview release of Windows 8 is almost around the corner and it promises a more complete view of the upcoming OS with proper personalization and enough new features to keep everybody busy for a while.

Published: Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 Last Modified: February 7, 2012

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