Windows 8 Concerns Triggered By Acer Article

An interesting comment and statement from Acer in the Wall St Journal gave Windows developers and users some concerns on Thursday. The statement by Acer, states that they are looking to develop more for Google and the Chromebook ecosystem than Windows in the future.

The report states that Acer is looking to expanding its Google focused efforts in the next few years. This move will enable the company to produce less Windows 8 laptops and tablets, and shows that computer manufacturers are having problems selling Windows 8 units.


Windows 8 and Tablets Only 10% of Acer Revenue

A startling number reported in the Wall St Journal report stated that tablets and smartphones along with Chromebooks only make up 10-12% of the company revenue. They are trying to bump this by shifting with Google, but the Windows 8 laptops not selling hugely is affecting its future as a company.

Why Don’t Windows 8 Laptop Sell

While computer manufacturers are having problems in PC and laptop sales worldwide, Windows 8 unfortunately isn’t helping at the retail front. Consumers are still having problems adapting to the new operating system, and low priced laptops still aren’t getting customers to purchase laptops, including the ones from Acer. Acer is looking to pivot their sales from desktops to more mobile technologies, and hopefully Windows 8 will improve. 30% of Acer’s 2014 revenues are expected from these smartphones, tablets, and other devices according to the report.

Should Microsoft Be Worried

Microsoft should be worried as Acer is a major computer and technology company. Their statement in a major publication is one of many that are coming from computer manufacturers relating to Windows 8 sales. Companies are having problems selling Windows 8 units and this is troublesome to the current computer economy.

As Windows 8.1 is released later this year, hopefully this should help PC makers. Windows 8.1 by Microsoft should help users adapt for to the system, and the introduction of the Start button should make the desktop interface easier for customers. As more computers, tablets, and notebooks are released with Windows 8.1, hopefully Acer changes its mind, and makes more Windows 8 units in the future.

Published: Monday, August 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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