Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash

One of our readers, Farhood Kankash sent us some amazing concept screenshots of his personal Windows 8. He put a lot of work into this concept and it really looks like a next-generation operating system by now. But see for yourself:

Windows 8 Concept Screenshots

Farhood’s has some really great ideas and created a very clean and colorful concept. I am very impressed by the color scheme. He’s not just using some colors to make it look pretty, the colors actually make sense and it’s a great idea to combine Windows elements with different colors. A minimalistic design with a functional color scheme (similar to the Windows Phone 7 Theme) would be something that might work well. Well, since we want Windows 8 to have a lot of features maybe not too minimalistic, but I’m sure you can combine both.

Anyway, this is one of the best Windows 8 concepts I’ve seen lately. Kudos to Farhood!

Key Features:

  • RSS on taskbar
  • Image preview on desktop
  • A different color for different tasks
  • Windows Explorer with tabs!
  • Background Installer
  • Easy File Synchronizing


Maybe you spotted a couple other features, let us know!

Windows 8 dubbed
Windows 8 Screenshot Concept 1
Enlarge Image

Windows 8 Login Screen:
Windows 8 Login Screen
Enlarge Image

Windows 8 Desktop, Taskbar, Start Menu, Gadgets
Windows 8 Gadgets
Enlarge Image

Windows 8 AeroPeek Improvements, RSS on Taskbar, OutlookConnector, Tooltips
Windows 8 RSS Taskbar
Enlarge Image

Windows 8: A colorful OS
Windows 8 Colors
Enlarge Image

Windows 8 Explorer: File Managaement Improvements
Windows 8 Explorer
Enlarge Image

Windows 8 Internet Explorer:
Windows 8 Screenshot Concept 7
Enlarge Image

Image Preview in Windows 8:
Windows 8 Image Preview
Enlarge Image

Installation Progress in Windows 8:
Windows 8 Installation Progress
Enlarge Image

Hide Installation: Intelligent Background Installer
Windows 8 Installer
Enlarge Image

Windows 8: Synchronize Files With Ease
Windows 8 File Synchronization
Enlarge Image

The New Internet Explorer 9.7 in Windows 8
Windows 8 Internet Explorer
Enlarge Image

What do YOU want to see in Windows 8?

Windows 8 Wishlist

Add your own ideas to the Windows 8 wishlist:
Windows 8 Wishlist

The latest concept screenshots will be added our Windows 8 screenshot page. A couple Windows 8 themes can be download here.

Published: Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 Last Modified: July 15, 2011

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