Windows 8 Clock Screensaver

Looking for a cool Windows 8 screensaver? If you like the Windows 8 Metro UI, here’s a fancy screensaver that resembles the Windows 8 Logon screen clock and has a very cool transparency effect:

Windows 8 Screensaver

The screensaver was inspired by recent Windows 8 leaks that show the Windows 8 logon screen – it includes an installer that allows you to install/uninstall the screensaver with one click.

After installing the Windows 8 clock screensaver, right-click on the desktop, click on Personalize, click on “Screensaver” at the bottom right and then select W8Clock from the dropdown:

Windows 8 Clock Screensaver Settings

I very much like the idea and the screensaver really looks cool with the transparency effect applied.

Screensaver With Transparency!

In order to increase or decrease the transparency, click on the Settings button on the screensaver selection screen seen above.

Screensaver transparency

The screensaver settings will open where you can change the time format of the screensaver from 12 hour format to 24 hour format, you can enable or disable the screensaver for the login screen and you can enable the screensaver alarm.

Another very cool feature of the screensaver are “color themes”. 6 different color themes allow you to customize the color of the Windows 8 clock screensaver. Very cool!

Important: The transparency effect will not be applied to the logon screensaver, only to the normal screensaver.

Download Windows 8 Clock Screensaver

Head over to the DA profile of Lee Whittington to download the screensaver:

Changing Logon Screensaver in Windows 7

Yes, you can fully customize the logon screensaver in Windows 7. If you don’t know how, read our tutorial how to change the Windows 7 logon screensaver

Logon Screensaver for Windows 7

Published: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 Last Modified: April 26, 2011

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