Windows 8 Can Kickstarter Windows Phone: is Microsoft onto a Winner?

AT&T agree with my line of thinking: it thinks Windows 8 will transform Windows Phone.

AT&T’s head predicts that Windows 8 and Windows Phone could combine successfully

Microsoft is firmly third in the smartphone wars, but there’s still a way ahead if Windows Phone is to gain market share anywhere near iOS or Android. However, AT&T’s head of mobile thinks Windows 8 could be the spring pad to launch Windows Phone.

AT&T, of course, launched the Nokia Lumia 900 in its biggest ever marketing push back in April and the device has since seen record sales with some analysts predicting it’ll even sell two million this quarter. Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility, said at a JP Morgan technology conference that the launch of Windows 8 will allow Microsoft’s devices to offer the same experience. The Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets and PCs will also use the Metro interface.

As I’ve said before, the advantage of having your PC operating system using the same interface as your mobile operating systems means developers can effectively brings apps straight over. The only aspect that needs to change is the resolution, like from the iPhone/iPod to the iPad. Android hasn’t worked yet because different operating systems have been used between smartphones and tablets, though Ice Cream Sandwich could change that.

Simple design, more apps

In turn that means Windows Phone will probably have an increased app catalogue by default. On iOS, we’re seeing universal apps working across devices. There could be a similar approach in the Windows 8 OS.

The other advantage of the Metro UI is that it’s incredibly: in Android you’ve got to consider different resolutions and screens sizes across hundreds of devices. With Windows 8 – on tablets specifically – there are probably going to 7- and 10-inch form factors. iPad and Metro apps have similar design elements, so the developers won’t have to much work.

The only issue for Microsoft is that app architecture will be different in Windows Phone RT, Windows RT. That means best-selling devices such as the Lumia 900 will be made obsolete, though developers can make the apps work in Windows RT through recompiling. I’m not sure resetting the OS is a good move.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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