Windows 8 Beta Screenshots Leaked: Shows Start Screen Customization Options

Windows news source posted a screenshot of a possible Windows 8 Beta release showing new customization options for the Windows 8 Start Screen.

Leaked Windows 8 Beta Screenshot Shows Start Screen Personalization Options

Leaked Windows 8 Beta Screenshots Show Start Screen Personalization Options

Screenshots of Windows 8 Beta version leaked by show personalization options for the Start Screen. Personalization and customization is important and while you can already customize the Windows 8 Developer Preview version, it will be improved in upcoming versions. According to a blog post on this topic last month by Microsoft new customization features will be available in the beta version of Windows 8.

Leaked Windows 8 Beta Screenshot Shows Start Screen Personalization Options

If the screenshots are already getting leaked, the beta version cannot be far from being released. Logistically it also makes sense to move on to beta right now because it would give Microsoft enough time to prepare a release candidate for next year. The RC (release client) stage is when the software is almost ready, but smaller bugs still have to be fixed.

Personalization Of The Windows 8 Beta Start Screen Might Be Incomplete

The original source states that the feature is “under construction” — which probably means personalization has not been fully implemented in the beta.

Judging from the screenshot, it seems that the user will be able to change the background image of the Start Screen and Lock Screen. You can also choose the background color for these screens.

There are third party solutions out there that will allow you to make these changes in the Developer Preview itself. However, they are nowhere close to filling up the required gaps in this area. So it is still up to Microsoft to provide full-fledged personalization and customization options.

Published: Friday, November 18th, 2011 Last Modified: November 18, 2011

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