Windows 8 Beta Screenshots: February 2012 Release Date Confirmed?

More screenshots of the upcoming Beta of the Windows 8 OS have been leaked and they seem to confirm the February launch date that has been floating around the industry for a while now.

Windows 8 Beta Personalization screen

New Leaked Screenshots Confirm Windows 8 Beta Is On Schedule

The Windows focus site has released candid screenshots of the Windows 8 Beta yet again. This time the screenshots show a new InstallPrep version helping the user set up; a new theme chooser plus a Windows that shows of a somewhat flatter version of Aero Lite with Metro buttons and a new start screen with a new background theme color.

The InstallPrep screen does have any changes to talk about it. It presents you with the same options where in you choose to have your files and your settings transferred to Windows 8 or you can choose to do ‘nothing’.

The theme chooser doesn’t reveal anything new either. It is basically is the same background image chooser that you get in Windows 7 now but with a somewhat different looking Windows 8 skin around it.

Leaked Windows 8 Start Screen Image Shows New Reader, PaintPlay, Weather Apps

The new Start Screen shows quite a few new things though. First is the changed color, which is probably a sign that there will be proper Start Screen customization features in the version. Next we can see quite a few new apps that will come preinstalled with Windows 8 Beta. These include a Weather Beta app, Paint, Reader, Photos, Vidoes, Music and some Social apps that are just off the edge of the screenshot. There’s also an app called PaintPlay, which looks like a finger painting app and a snipping tool that is probably a screenshot app.

Windows 8 Beta Start screen new preinstalled apps

Over all, Windows 8 Beta should be quite the treat for those who have been waiting for it. The screenshots clearly say that the machine is running Windows 8 Beta and it looks to be almost ready for release.

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: December 23, 2011

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