Windows 8 Beta Release Date Rumors

Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system in history. That doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvements. Microsoft would agree on that, because they are working hard on Windows 8. Here are some of the latest release date rumors and speculations.

Windows 8 Beta Release Date Rumors

Windows 8 Beta @ CES 2011?

If I remember correctly, a Windows 7 beta was leaked way back in late 2008. Windows 7 reached RTM status in July 2009 and was then finally released in October 2009. Microsoft started working on Windows 8 even before Windows 7 was finished. According to the latest rumors, we might soon get our hands on a Windows 8 beta build. Rumor has it, that Steve Ballmer himself will present a tablet PC running a Windows 8 beta version at the CES 2011. (sidenote: CES 2011 will be in February 2011)

Back in 2010, Steve Ballmer presented the HP Slate PC at the CES2010 (the link includes a video if you want to watch it). However, the HP Slate PC was cancelled later on because HP wanted to put their own webOS on it after acquiring Palm.

This time things will be different. Many companies teamed up to work with Microsoft on a tablet PC that could challenge Apple’s iPad. As we reported, Microsoft teamed up with up to 24 different companies to develop a tablet PC. I assume that Microsoft will showcase several Windows 7 tablet PC’s like the LG E-Note H1000B at the CES 2010. However, the Windows 7 version that will run on tablet PC’s will probably be stripped down to make it run more smoothly on mobile devices. According to, there will also be a device from Samsung.

But what if Microsoft decided that Windows 7 is not the right choice for the perfect tablet PC and will also showcase a Windows 8 tablet PC as well? The future will be all about the cloud and accessing the same data from multiple devices. That is where Windows 8 could shine, because it will supposedly have cloud-computing features.

Windows 8 Beta Timeline: New Windows Every 2-years

If they started working on Windows 8 before Windows 7 was even released, that means they had about 1.5 years to work on a Windows 8 version. Microsoft previously stated that they are aiming for a 2-year release cycle now, so that late 2011 could be a probable release date for Windows 8.

More Windows 8 Beta Release Date Speculations

So far, we can only speculate when a Windows 8 beta will be available for public testing. If they are really going to present a Windows 8 beta at the CES next year, it could take a few more months until public testing would begin. Let’s assume the beta release date will be similar to the Windows 7 beta release date, then they could possibly release a Windows 8 beta in late July 2011. If everything goes well, they might then release Windows 8 in late 2011 or early 2012.

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Published: Monday, December 20th, 2010 Last Modified: December 20, 2010

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