Windows 8 Beta Pre-Release Being Tested

Windows 8 Beta release will bring add many more important and useful features to the Windows 8 developer preview and rumors suggest that it is already being tested.

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Windows 8 Beta Is In Use Already

According to some leaked screenshots on the Internet, the Windows 8 Beta version is already going through it pre release testing. This testing is done by a closed group of people chosen my Microsoft. It involves a final level of stability check before it is opened for public access.

The screenshots show a Windows 8 Boot Screen that says “Windows 8 Beta” and “Windows Server 8 Standard Beta”. The other screenshot is what revealed the existence of Windows Media Center In Windows 8. The build that is being talked about here is of course not the actual Beta. It is a instead a build that is very close to being developed in to the Beta.

A beta stage is where software is tested out by a wide range of users prior to the final, commercial release. However, often there are more stages between Beta and commercial release. For example, RC (Release Candidate) and RTM (Release To Market). Windows 8 is slated to go through all of these phases.

Windows 8 Beta To Bring More Features Onboard

The reason why so many people are eagerly waiting for the Windows 8 Beta is the presence of additional features. One of them is the Windows Media Center of course. Others expected to come are some games, DVD creator, upgrade setup and more.

Even though the images have not been verified, the news is quite believable because it is not actually the complete Beta version. It is a build that is a few points away from becoming the official Beta. So whatever it is on this build will definitely stay on the Beta when it comes out.

The pre-beta being this close to completion also gives hope to those who are looking forward to the Windows 8 beta coming out later this year and not early next year.

Published: Friday, October 28th, 2011 Last Modified: October 28, 2011

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