Windows 8 Azure Cloud Services Are Blazing Fast, Some Cloud Space Will Be Free

Microsoft is actively integrating Azure cloud services into Windows 8. As we reported, Windows 8 will ship with and without plans for Azure services.

Windows 8 Azure Cloud Services

Azure Faster Than Amazon’s Cloud and Google

The Azure team definitely has reason to celebrate. As per recently concluded studies, Windows Azure scored higher than Amazon and Google even though both are older services than Azure. The high score was achieved in an independent speed test conducted by Compuware. This was a yearlong study that pitted Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud services against each other through their own tool called CloudSleuth. Azure in fact proved to be the fastest service over the entire study period, making Microsoft’s case in this industry even stronger.

Microsoft Looks At Windows Azure As The Next Operating System

Microsoft has been focusing more on Azure and looking forward to the cloud as the next frontier for operating systems. Hence, in many ways the upcoming Windows 8 operating system is more a gateway to the cloud than its previous versions. This is highlighted by the multiple features in Windows 8 that depend on the cloud.

For example, the whole Windows 8 experience is tied to the Windows Live ID, which in turn stores its data in the cloud. Microsoft is even going to give away free cloud storage space to all users. And the mobile parts of Windows 8 are of course going to want to offload some major processing work on to the cloud to enhance performance and save local resources.

Windows 8 developers will be able to take advantage of Windows Azure like never before. It will have features like data caching, cloud-to-client messaging and identity management built right in to the OS. The travel app called Maggie’s Travel shown off at Interlop was a good demo of all the ways Azure can be taken advantage of.

Published: Saturday, October 8th, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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