Windows 8 App Store To Merge With Windows Phone 7 Marketplace?

Rumors have been going around for a long time about a dedicated App Store on Windows 8. Microsoft has now confirmed that the same is indeed in the works.
Windows 8 App Store Confirmed

App Store To Be Integrated In To Windows 8

According to the newly launched Windows 8 blog called Building Windows 8, Microsoft has been hard at work building an App Store for the Windows 8 OS. Much like what Apple has done with the Mac App Store for OS X, the app store will reside within the OS itself and will offer a curated selection of apps to its users. Microsoft has not discussed any app screening policies as of yet.

The blog has a post with a list of teams of engineers who together make up the Windows 8 development effort. In the alphabetically organized list, there are these teams right on top — ‘App Compatibility and Device Compatibility’, ‘App Store’ and ‘App Experience’.

Windows 8 App Store Similar To Windows Phone 7 Marketplace?

It is possible that ‘App Store’ is something else altogether in context to Windows 8 development (it is supposed to unify desktop PC’s and mobile devices after all). However, in simplest terms, it is quite believable that Microsoft is working on an integrated app experience for Windows 8. This would also line up with current industry trends.

This store will likely be similar to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Since Windows 8 is gearing up to be a cross-platform OS, it is also possible that it will merge with the WP7 marketplace at some point. There’s no official word on it yet though. It is quite certain though that out of the 12000+ developers working on the WP7 platform (as per news from earlier this month), most will also want to develop on this forthcoming platform. And an integrated app store will be the logical step to consolidate the best of this development effort.

Published: Monday, August 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: August 22, 2011

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